Leakey Hills, Real County, Texas

Where is Leakey Hills?       Real County precincts
229 Pinon Loop, Leakey Hills, Texas

When buying land out here, be sure you have access to a water supply.  For example, in April 2011, Leakey's town council (Mayor Jesse Pendley, Ken Auld, Hugh Buchanan, Carl Jensen, Scott Chisum, Duane Wilson Jr.) voted to stop selling water from the Leakey City Standpipe to those who hauled it, however they allowed three customers to be grandfathered. 

On Sept. 2, 2011, the Leakey City Council awarded a bid for drilling a new city water well to Utopia Sales & Services/Bob Casparis out of Utopia, TX.  At a cost of over $100,000, water from the new 750 ft deep well was found non-potable and was used to water the Leakey ISD football field.  On Dec. 12, 2011, City of Leakey engineer Joel Wilkinson “advised the council the water was not suitable for the municipal water source and the well should be capped”.

Potential groundwater within Leakey Hills is virtually unmapped and untapped.  View Leakey Hills in relation to large surface water areas.  If you are lucky enough to drill and find water, will it be potable?  Check out water planning and issues for Region J at the Texas Water Development Board.

Water rights are very desirable.  Desirable enough for Real Estate fraud?  How about for identity theft?  Enough motive for murder?

Did you attempt to buy property with a good water well in Leakey Hills in 2012?
The 19.23 acres pictured above, but the sale fell through because the owner was murdered?


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